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Rev. Kevin Peterson
Boston People's Reparations Commission

Our Mission

The American democratic process remains incomplete because justice for Black Americans has gone unmet for more than 400 years. The Boston People’s Reparations Commission movement, derivative of The New Democracy Coalition, provides opportunities for local Black leadership to address issues of: apology, reparations and reconciliation against the legacy, and ongoing expressions, of Boston Black enslavement. The Boston reparations Project is among the nation's leading and most dynamic organizations dedicated toward addressing reparations on the local level--in order to join in on the national and international conversations about justice. Our mission is simple: to explore anti-Black histories, interrogate existing anti-Black oppression on the local level and offer viable reparations models and paradigms in the interest of universalizing social justice directed toward the Beloved Community. We seek to interrogate, which a Johns Hopkins University project refers to as the Hard Histories  related to anti-Blackness in Boston. Our mission is to contribute to tangible repair and transformation in relation to Black Civil Society in Boston.

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In the News

Activists call for Boston City Council to pass reparations bill

BOSTON (WHDH) - Community activists are calling for Boston’s mayor and City Council to pass a reparations bill.

The bill would create a committee to study the city’s Black community and figure out how to best support the descendants of enslaved people.

Boston takes rare step of apologizing for its role in slavery and its lasting harm

BOSTON — Boston has just become the first major city to offer a formal apology for its role in trans-Atlantic slavery.

Coming nearly four centuries after slavery began here, a city council resolution that passed unanimously Wednesday condemns the unique "dastardliness" of slavery, and its legacy of "systemic white supremacy and racism" that's reflected in ongoing racial inequities in housing, education, income and more. 


Who We Are

Our Strategy

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