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Boston People's Reparations Commission

Who We Are

We at the Boston People’s Reparations Commission believe that ordinary people—activists, organizers and residents—will provide an essential role in ensuring a successful reparations process in Boston.  We can not rely on the city solely for justice.  For this reason we created a grassroots campaign that will utilize 70 "community commissioners" for the purposes of education, practice and leadership in Boston.  We continue to recruit commissioners in order to actualize people power that challenges institutional powers that seek to solely organize the local reparations agenda.

  1. Janus L. McManus

  2. Harison Clark

  3. Edwin Sumpter

  4. Joshua Champagne  

  5. Heather Cook

  6. Trippetta Simmons 

  7. Maria Barbosa 

  8. Madison Cook

  9. Jamine St Hill

  10. Stephanie Dennis

  11. Mathematics

  12. Sky Leighton

  13. Roger Lewis

  14. Bruce Bickerstaff

  15. Tanna Preston

  16. Rev. Kante Thorpe

  17. Ahsjadoll Howell

  18. Izabel Depina

  19. Joe Edgecombe

  20. Stan Jenkins

  21. Roger Lewis

  22. Antonia Bryant

  23. Anthony Bryant

  24. Sam Pierce

  25. Antonia Edwards

  26. Derek Smith

  27. Apostle Pamela Kelly 

  28. Kevin Peterson

  29. Timothy Walker

  30. Juwan Skeens

  31. Kisha Smith

  32. Pamela King

  33. T. Michael Thomas

  34. Clifton Braithwaite

  35. Angela Francis

  36. Pastor Valerie Copeland

  37. Linda Solomon

  38. Prof. Cuff Ferguson

  39. Lugie Romain

  40. Sister Tia

Current Commissioners
Members of the Board

Kevin Peterson

Peter OPara

Edwin Sumpter

Rodney Foxworth

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